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Anyone feel that life isn’t really fair? Or is that just me? I feel like there’s always a new problem. And old ones too. Problems sometimes don’t even get resolved so it just constantly hangs there like a storm cloud before a thunderstorm. Give it enough time and it’s gonna explode.

Lighting and all.

Take my parents for example. They don’t shut up. And not even  in the parental way like:  “Arianna, go make your bed.” “Arianna, go do the dishes.” No…these things I can handle, expect even. It’s the way they fight among themselves. They simply Do. Not. Shut. Up. They’re like children I tell you! My eight year old cousin can behave in a more mature manner than my fifty year old parents. It’s sad really. I think it’s scarred me for life. No seriously, I’m not being dramatic (maybe a little dramatic?) I’ve given up on the concept of marriage because if that’s what it’s like I don’t want it. I’ll skip the happiness and the white dress if it means I can also skip the hating and the fighting. Seems like a fair deal to me. I’ll just get a dog (Preferably a pug because they’re just so darn cute) and love him…I’ll name him Jazz and he wont yell at me when I forget to add salt to his eggs. If fact…he wont even bark at me!

I’ll happen. You’ll see.

~Arianna 😛


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