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Category Archives: Life

Ever been so tired you just start running your mouth about random things that honestly don’t make any sense? Or maybe it makes too much sense?

Like, “Please shut up Arianna because you’re about to tell a guy that you like him and in the morning I’m sure you’re gonna regret that.”

Yeah…happens to me all the time. Except I’m NOT that tired.

And that’s kinda the problem here. It’s 1 am….I should BE that tired…

I’m awake enough to want to talk to people and I’m awake enough to want a snack and I’m certainly awake enough to realize I’ve put my shirt on backwards…just tired enough (or lazy enough) not to want to turn it around.

This post made no sense…maybe I AM tired?


~Arianna 😛


Anyone feel that life isn’t really fair? Or is that just me? I feel like there’s always a new problem. And old ones too. Problems sometimes don’t even get resolved so it just constantly hangs there like a storm cloud before a thunderstorm. Give it enough time and it’s gonna explode.

Lighting and all.

Take my parents for example. They don’t shut up. And not even  in the parental way like:  “Arianna, go make your bed.” “Arianna, go do the dishes.” No…these things I can handle, expect even. It’s the way they fight among themselves. They simply Do. Not. Shut. Up. They’re like children I tell you! My eight year old cousin can behave in a more mature manner than my fifty year old parents. It’s sad really. I think it’s scarred me for life. No seriously, I’m not being dramatic (maybe a little dramatic?) I’ve given up on the concept of marriage because if that’s what it’s like I don’t want it. I’ll skip the happiness and the white dress if it means I can also skip the hating and the fighting. Seems like a fair deal to me. I’ll just get a dog (Preferably a pug because they’re just so darn cute) and love him…I’ll name him Jazz and he wont yell at me when I forget to add salt to his eggs. If fact…he wont even bark at me!

I’ll happen. You’ll see.

~Arianna 😛